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Absentee voting in Wisconsin primary encouraged because of virus

Brad Williams



The state of Wisconsin urges people to vote absentee in the April election, to avoid the chance of spreading coronavirus. 

But at this point, you only have until Wednesday, March 18th to register on-line for the election.

After the 18th, you must go to an election clerk’s office in person to register.

Voters have until April 2nd to request an absentee ballot through the mail, and the absentee voting in person will be conducted from March 23rd through April 3rd.

The virus could lead to lower turnout than normally expected for the presidential primary and local races on April 7th, according to La Crosse County clerk Ginny Dankmeyer. 

She says that special preparations are in the works to reduce the spread of illness at the polls, where voters mark their ballots with felt-tip pens.

Dankmeyer says the county plans to give a pen to each voter, which they can take home after voting, and there will be hand sanitizer made available at the polls.    

A Wisconsin Supreme Court race and the presidential contest will be the biggest attractions for voters on the 7th.                        

Dankmeyer says the state can’t really change the voting date on short notice, and she doesn’t want people going to the polls if they don’t feel well on the 7th if they don’t feel well.

For more information, check this link: https://www.cityoflacrosse.org/your-government/departments/city-clerk/elections-and-voting/how-to-apply-for-an-absentee-ballot.