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Yesterday in La Crosse

Oktoberfest a-go-go, 54 years ago

Brad Williams



During the 1966 Oktoberfest, go-go nights were set up at the Avalon Ballroom on Copeland, to attract a younger crowd.  But on the first of the three nights, attendance was low.  Scheduling might have been to blame.  That first go-go night had to compete with a Sawyer Auditorium show featuring the popular comedy team of Marty Allen and Steve Rossi.  

Jack Ruby’s conviction for killing Lee Harvey Oswald was overturned by an appeals court in Texas, because an alleged confession by Ruby should not have been allowed in court.  One newspaper story claimed 140 million Americans saw Ruby on TV, shooting Oswald just two days after Oswald allegedly killed President John Kennedy in Dallas.  Ruby died in jail before he could get another trial.  

The 1966 football season was the first one to end with a Super Bowl. Kansas City defeated Buffalo to represent the AFL in that special title game against the NFL. The Chiefs lost the “super” game in Los Angeles to the Packers, who had beaten Dallas for the NFL title.

Movie theaters in La Crosse were showing dueling British-style comedies with similar names.  The Hollywood had “The Knack, and How To Get It,” while the Rivoli was showing “The Pad, and How To Use It.”  Groovy, baby, in 1966, yesterday in La Crosse.