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Yesterday in La Crosse

Long before C-Span, elected officials worried about meetings being recorded, 53 years ago

Brad Williams



In 1967, the Tomah city council was being asked for permission to record council meetings.  The request came from alderman Del Lonnquist, who reported news for radio station WTMB.  The council voted that Lonnquist had the legal right to tape-record the public meetings.   

The La Crosse County Board passed a new rule that winter.  Supervisors abolished a term limit for the board chairman, ruling that someone could be chair for more than five terms.   

There was an effort in 1967 to annex Onalaska to La Crosse.  Twenty people petitioned for the merger, because the Town of Medary wanted to leave the Onalaska School District, and that would cost the district one-third of its tax base.  Onalaska’s population at the time was around 4000.  

Folk music was still a popular draw at the Sawyer Auditorium.  The New Christy Minstrels had an 8:30 concert, with a top ticket price of $3.50, one night in 1967, yesterday in La Crosse.      

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