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Passed out at lights, La Crosse man wakes up, begins singing Journey as police approach

Drew Kelly



A 27-year-old man started singing, “Any Way you Want It,” by Journey after police found him passed out in his car in La Crosse on Saturday afternoon.

The La Crosse man’s day ended up more like the Rolling Stones hit, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” after being charged with his second OWI.

Police were dispatched to the intersection of Clinton and Rose street for a man passed out at the stoplight at 2:30 p.m.

Tyler Burgett woke up as police approached, and then started singing along with the song being blasting on his radio. He then put the vehicle in reverse, hitting the truck behind him.

Police had to break the window to get him to stop and shut off the vehicle.

Burgett admitted to drinking but was inconsistent about how much and where he had been.

He refused field sobriety tests and was uncooperative during the blood draw.

Witnesses said Burgett had passed three vehicles in a no-passing lane before stopping at the light.