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Politicians move slowly when it suits them




Our politicians can move quickly when they want to. Ask them to name a Post Office, and they’re on it. Doing something to strengthen their hold on power, like restricting the authority of the incoming Governor, and they can get things done in a hurry. But they are also good at dragging their feet. Such is the case with the release of money to fight homelessness in Wisconsin. We are deep in the throws of winter, with temperatures in the single digits and below. But still money that has been approved by the legislature to combat homelessness hasn’t been released. What is interesting is that the recommendations to spend money to reduce homelessness in Wisconsin came from the Interagency Council on Homelessness, created under then Gov. Scott Walker. Republicans created the task force, approved spending more money to address the problem, but now those same republicans won’t release the money. Tomorrow, the state Senate will meet to consider approving one of eight bills that provide spending. But there is no schedule yet for approving the remaining bills, or to spend the money already budgeted. Yes, our lawmakers can move quickly sometimes, but when they want to, they can move slower than molasses in January.

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