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Onalaska Rep. Doyle calls for lawmakers to put “big boy pants” on and work together

Brad Williams



How can members of the two main political parties work together to get things done in Wisconsin? 

Onalaska state Rep. Steve Doyle, Tuesday on WIZM’s La Crosse Talk, said that leaders on both sides ought to work on being less offended.    

Doyle refers to Gov. Tony Evers, and his “homework” suggestions the former teacher recently gave to the legislature. 

Republican lawmakers objected to the Evers approach, calling it patronizing and condescending. 

“What you’re seeing is some people that need to put their ‘big boy’ and ‘big girl’ pants on, and just come to the table and let’s talk about these (issues),” Doyle said. “Don’t be upset about if somebody else had the idea first.”    

Doyle wants to see discussion of important services to Wisconsin residents, in areas such as homelessness, suicide prevention and mental health.