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Now the time to restore fairness to our elections




It could be the start of the most significant improvement to our democracy in some time. Lawmakers in Madison have introduced legislation calling for an amendment to the state Constitution. It would change the process of legislative redistricting so that one political party can’t rig the boundaries to benefit themselves. It would take the politics out of the process, and instead use civil servants to determine where people vote. No more stacked contests, where it becomes almost impossible for an opposing candidate to win. It is called the Iowa model of redistricting, and it has worked well there for decades. Wisconsin now has a chance to begin the process of reclaiming our democracy. But that will require those in charge of the process to allow this legislation to see the light of day. They would have to allow hearings, debate and ultimately a vote. Even though doing so benefits the other political party. It is the right thing to do. Elections have a way of changing things, and some day soon, democrats could be in charge of the process. The fact is, no political party should be allowed to rig the maps in their favor.  Let’s take the politics out of it and restore fairness to our election system.

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