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Governor Evers assigns much needed homework to lawmakers




Once a teacher, always a teacher. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is the former State Superintendent of Schools, and a former teacher in the Tomah district. Now he is giving members of the Wisconsin Legislature some homework. Evers has sent a letter to legislative leaders urging them to continue their work before the current session adjourns. Our Governor says the assignment includes issues with broad statewide support, and asks that they be passed before the end of this legislative session. Among the issues Evers is asking our lawmakers reach bipartisan agreement is to cap the price of insulin at $100 for a 30 day supply. Currently that costs hundreds of dollars, and sends some people to Canada to buy their insulin. Evers is also wanting action of reducing chemicals called PFAS which have been found in some Wisconsin waterways. Another bill would protect kids from sex trafficking, while another provides money to combat homelessness which has been approved, but never released. Evers is right to assign this homework, because improvement is needed. If the current legislature were to be given a grade, it would be a “D” because our lawmakers only met for 14 days in session all of last year. But clearly more work needs to be done. And there should be no excuse for not getting this assignment finished.

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