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Yesterday in La Crosse

What else was happening the day Elvis was born, 85 years ago?

Brad Williams



The King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, was born on January 8th of 1935.  Not many people would know about Presley until he started making music, some 20 years later.  George V was king of England at the time.  He would turn 70 that year, and mark his 25th anniversary in 1935 as the British monarch.  

In America, Bruno Hauptmann was on trial for the kidnapping and murder of “the Lindbergh baby,” Charles Lindbergh Junior, son of the famous aviator.  On January 8th, two trial witnesses identified Hauptmann as a suspect connected with the kidnapping.   

A La Crosse man was being charged with embezzling money from the Spring Grove State Bank, while he was a bookkeeper there.  The Minnesota bank was missing more than $5000, but the 24-year-old suspect was accused of stealing less than $100.  

Movie star Ginger Rogers was promoting Lux soap in newspaper ads, saying “it’s easy to have a gorgeous skin” by using Lux to remove makeup.

The Buehler Brothers butcher shop on Main Street in La Crosse was selling neck bones and pig feet for 5 cents, and pork snouts for 8 cents.  Sirloin steak was 11 cents at Buehler’s in 1935, yesterday in La Crosse. 

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