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Friends of ex-Packer talk back to court officials at Green Bay hearing



Not quite ‘order in the court,’ when two men associated with a former Packers player appeared in a Green Bay courtroom Tuesday on weapons charges. 

Both Jordan Salmi of Onalaska and Ryan DeSmith of Friendship are charged with carrying concealed weapons into a kids’ Christmas concert at a Green Bay church in December. 

They claim to be followers of ex-Packer Kabeer Gbaja Biamila, who did not want his children performing at the concert. 

According to a TV station which covered the court hearing, both DeSmith and Salmi objected to being called ‘sir’ in court. 

The court commissioner became upset when the men would not answer her questions, and also when DeSmith said the commissioner would be held liable if a plea was made on his behalf. 

Salmi and DeSmith reportedly said “I am man” when they were addressed in court as “sir.” 

DeSmith also claimed not to speak the language (English) being used by the commissioner. 

Biamila suggested that the other men were being “handled like slaves.” 

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