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Driver arrested for Highway 16 hit and run

Brad Williams



A La Crosse man is accused of causing a hit-and-run accident Monday near Logan High School. 

Twenty-nine-year-old Quintin Stello denies being the driver of a blue Saturn that rear-ended another car on Highway 16 during afternoon rush-hour. 

There were two men in the car that was hit, along with two children, ages 12 and 13, but no serious injuries were reported. 

That vehicle followed the Saturn onto Gillette Street, but lost track of it, after it sped up to around 90 miles an hour, and drove over a median at a dead-end. 

The second driver said sparks were flying from the road beneath the Saturn, apparently from a loose wire striking the pavement.

Police believe Stello had committed a theft at the Onalaska WalMart, about an hour before the accident. 

When officers found Stello at home that night, he said he had been to Wal-Mart, but then went ice fishing. 

Stello is charged with hit and run, and bail jumping by committing new crimes.