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UPDATE: La Crosse man suspected as hit and run driver on Christmas Eve in Milwaukee death

Brad Williams



Fingerprints in an abandoned SUV have led Milwaukee police to identify a La Crosse man as the driver suspected of a fatal hit-and-run. 

The prints match those of Manuel Salazar-Gutierrez, who reportedly was driving his employer’s vehicle in Milwaukee on Christmas Eve, striking and killing a woman walking her dogs.  

Videos taken at the accident scene show that the SUV went onto a sidewalk and hit 36-year-old Jamie Hanson, before knocking over a light pole and dragging the pole down the street. 

The SUV was abandoned in an alley. 

Salazar-Gutierrez is being charged by Milwaukee County with reckless homicide in Hanson’s death.

An arrest warrant was issued by the Milwaukee DA on Jan. 3.