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La Crosse families told not to pump basements in cold weather

Brad Williams



For some families in La Crosse, last year’s flood season never ended.  

Many north-side homes have been pumping water out of basements for months.

At a meeting Monday, however, the city board of public works put a halt to pumping water onto sidewalks and streets. The decision comes after the board extended the pumping deadline back on Nov. 18, 2019.

Affected homeowners in floodplain areas have told City Hall about having to pump flood waters out of their homes repeatedly since last spring, because of continued high levels of groundwater.

Some city leaders say the best long-term remedy for flooded basements might be for the homeowners to fill in their basements.

City council member Barb Janssen represents a north-side district said those homeowners would rather not do that.

Families have also complained to the city that they’re not being allowed to pump, while their neighbors still can. 

The city plans to study the continued flooding, to decide how to relieve the problem of groundwater seeping into basements.