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WIZM 2019 TOP STORIES: No. 1 — La Crosse policeman and crime suspect shoot each other



A police-involved shooting in La Crosse from last summer has been voted WIZM’s top local story of 2019, by our news department.

On Aug. 3, La Crosse Police Officer Dustin Darling responded to a disturbance at a 9th street residence.

Allen Kruk was at the home of his ex-girlfriend, and police say Kruk shot Darling once in the chest when the officer asked to speak with him.

Darling was wearing a bulletproof vest and returned fire, striking Kruk several times.

Kruk was hospitalized for much of August, and made his first court appearance after the shooting in a wheelchair, with his jaw wired shut.

La Crosse County District Attorney Tim Gruenke declined to charge Darling after seeing bodycam footage.    

Kruk remains in the La Crosse County Jail on $50,000 cash bond, awaiting trial, and continues to ask to have the bond reduced.

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