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Space Force has no mission statement, or even uniforms




SPACE FORCE!  It’s not the newest Star Wars movie, or kid’s cartoon. No, it is the newest branch of the United States military. When President Trump signed the new $738 billion defense bill he officially created the Space Force. It officially becomes the sixth branch of the U.S. Armed Services. So, what will it do? President Trump seems to think it would be a good place to wage a war, calling space “the world’s newest war-fighting domain.” Actually, we don’t know what the Space Force will do, but they say it will not be about putting a bunch of Buzz Lightyears up in space, or protecting earth from asteroids, or hunting down little green men. The vision is less than clear, But there is much work to be done. Including creating new Space Force uniforms, developing a Space Force patch, and of course, the Space Force song! It has not been well articulated why we need a new Space Force and their fight songs. But it could be this wasn’t the dumbest idea. Our national security is likely to become increasingly dependent on what is happening in space. Let’s hope it doesn’t actually become a war-fighting domain, but rather another effort to keep our nation, and the world, safe. To infinity, and beyond!

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1 Comment

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    George Caplan

    December 24, 2019 at 6:19 am

    Anybody that does not believe that future wars will involve taking out other countries satellites and defending our own is an idiot. Being the first to be able to do so puts us at a huge advantage.

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