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La Crosse Center to have business as usual during construction

Brad Williams



When the La Crosse Center is under construction for the next two years, guests in the building should not notice much construction. 

That’s what center management and project leaders are saying, now that the $42 million renovation has begun. 

Center board president Brent Smith says events in the building will be held away from construction areas, so people won’t be bothered by dust and noise. 

Demolition of the North Hall meeting room is scheduled to begin March 1st, and it will be rebuilt by the end of February 2021. 

The main arena will only be closed for two summer months, the traditional slow period of the year for the La Crosse Center.  

Concrete footings for a new, second ballroom are supposed to be installed next week. 

The $42 million renovation of the center is scheduled to be finished in December of 2021.