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Yesterday in La Crosse

A Boardwalk could have been a “park place,” 29 years ago

Brad Williams



In late 1990, the La Crosse park department was discussing plans for building a boardwalk in Riverside Park.  The department wanted to install 32 boat slips on that proposed wooden walk, along with two special fishing piers for the handicapped.  The boardwalk was not built.

The La Crosse Center brought in Heart and Cheap Trick on the same rock bill just before Christmas.  The Catbirds basketball team was still a big draw at the Center, as the defending CBA champs. 

“The Simpsons” was the hot new TV show for 1990, but not everybody thought it was funny.  The U.S. Council for Energy Awareness said it was “horrified” to see nuclear plant workers portrayed as “bumbling idiots”…meaning, Homer Simpson.  Also on TV around Christmas, CBS had a series about DC Comics superhero “The Flash.” And a weekly musical drama about singing police, “Cop Rock,” with music composed by Randy Newman, ended its brief run on ABC at Christmas 1990, yesterday in La Crosse.