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La Crosse announces agreement on regional sewer system

Brad Williams



La Crosse and several neighboring communities have reached a tentative agreement on sewer service. 

Mayor Tim Kabat of La Crosse says the local governments involved have until March 1st to approve the agreement, without risking delays or higher fees. 

The city’s sewer system is being updated, and Kabat says the concerns of other towns about joining a regional sewer service have been addressed. 

Onalaska, Shelby, Campbell, and La Crescent are all expected to join the regional system, while Holmen is building its own sewer plant.    

Kabat hopes the agreement will show that the big city can cooperate with its neighbors.

“I think at times we maybe get criticized unfairly that somehow we’re not playing well with others. But you look at the boundary agreement with the Town of Shelby that we’re working on to finalize…that was a case where we’ve come together with an agreement in principle to have a boundary agreement with a community that we had long-standing differences with,” said Kabat.

The La Crosse sewer plant has been scheduled for a $50 million update.