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La Crosse Police expecting theft calls to increase with holiday shopping

Drew Kelly



While some are in the giving spirit this holiday season, there are bound to be others in the taking spirit.

That includes presents meant for others, left in your car or on your porch.

La Crosse Police Sergeant Tom Walsh reminds people that thieves are looking for quick opportunities.

“The biggest thing is, if you put something in your car, make sure you’re covering it up,” Walsh said. “Put it in your trunk or put a blanket over it so you’re not making yourself an easy target.”

With the increased internet opportunities, thieves have also found new ways to victimize you.

Walsh advises if you are away from your house, normally during the weekday, take some precautions when filling out the shipping info.

“Have it delivered to your workplace,” Walsh said. “If that can’t happen, have a neighbor there and require a signature. That way it’s not being left.”

More than $7.9 billion was spent during Cyber Monday last year.

Walsh says it might not result in you getting your presents back, cases are increasingly being solved by homeowners buying doorbell cameras or other security systems.

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