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Sen. Johnson wants Congress to “pull the plug” on impeachment

Brad Williams



Is it time to end the impeachment investigation against President Trump? 

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is one of the people who thinks that time has come. 

Republican Johnson tells WIZM’s “La Crosse Talk” that the House hearings didn’t turn up much evidence of wrongdoing, and he says Democrats in Congress must realize that a Senate trial wouldn’t accomplish anything, because majority Republicans won’t vote to convict Trump.

“It’s not going to go any further in the Senate, so they probably from my standpoint, best to just pull the plug on this and don’t put the Senate through that ordeal because we know the result,” said Johnson.    

The senator argues that the entire purpose of the impeachment process has been to damage and harm the president.  

Johnson also says that it was a bad idea to release details of the phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine, which set off calls for impeachment.  

He says foreign leaders will be reluctant to talk with the U.S. president in the future, if they think information about the phone calls will be made public.

Johnson agrees with other Republicans who believe that the hearings have prevented Congress from working on trade and other issues.