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Viterbo announces new major that spans multiple departments

Drew Kelly



Viterbo University announced a new major that encompasses several academic issues including history and philosophy.

This upcoming fall students can major in Ethics, Culture and Society.

“It focuses on collaborative problem solving with real-world issues,” Chair of the major Susan Crosby-Ronnenberg, said. “Let’s say we have students working together on the issue of homelessness in the area. That’s something they might do.”

With the curriculum that’s been designed, Crosby-Ronnenberg hopes the students will become better people by the time they graduate.

“We think this degree will emphasize critical thinking, teamwork, communication skills, and a focus on how students can contribute to making the world a better place,” Crosby-Ronnenberg said.

Viterbo lists some career options based on the major, including human resource specialist, public relations specialist or writer.

Students in the major also participate in internships, research, study abroad and cultural immersion experiences.

Crosby-Ronnenberg said multiple students have already expressed interest in changing to the new major.