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As I see it with Dick Record: Missing Howard

WIZM staff



It is tough to lose a partner. That’s what happened this week at our station. Howard Gloede, general manager of this and our other Mid-West Family Broadcasting stations died. At only 61 years old. When I semi-retired 10 years ago, the choice was easy. To do the job right, Howard stood at the front of the line. After all, he’d worked here for 30 years at the time. But his work life here was exemplary. He began in the sales department, peddling commercials when he was 19 and DID he do a job. He quickly rose to the top of his department. Within the station, he was well-liked and developed life-term relationships with most of our staff, because he was Howard — affable, fun and damn smart. His way with numbers was remarkable. He understood how investing in the company would serve him well. His way with employees was uncanny, personal, often fatherly — the competent boss. The good boss. He listened well to problems from us all. He churned the solution deep in his mind and came up with the right answer. The right direction. We all will miss him, his way to be a boss. La Crosse and this company were fortunate to have Howard Gloede among us. We are all unfortunate to lose him. — Dick Record

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