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La Crosse County ready to mark 1000th felony of the year, down from 2018

Brad Williams



The crime rate is down a little in La Crosse County this year, at least in one category. 

The total number of felonies for 2019 could reach 1000 this week, and that mark is being hit a month later than last year. 

There seems to be no easy explanation for the drop, according to DA Tim Gruenke.

“The best news would be is that means less crime is committed, but without digging further into it, I don’t think we can make that claim,” said Gruenke.

A rise in drug crimes had been suggested as a prime reason why La Crosse County exceeded 1100 felonies in 2017 and ’18.

By comparison, Eau Claire County has had over 1600 felonies this year.