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Yesterday in La Crosse

Rockland’s Exit strategy, 29 years ago

Brad Williams



In late 1990, Rockland was lobbying for an I-90 interchange that would help development of the town. Construction was scheduled for 1995, but the project never happened. Rockland remains halfway between exits at Bangor and Sparta.

UW-La Crosse was searching for a new chancellor, despite a hiring freeze for new state employees. Chancellor Noel Richards had announced he would step down the following June.

La Crosse didn’t have Rotary Lights at Christmas yet in 1990, but it did have a display of Christmas trees at Heileman Hall. The Festival of Trees, co-sponsored by the brewery and Channel 8, lasted for two weeks.

Music lovers learned that the Grammy-winning duo Milli Vanilli didn’t sing its own songs. The front men of Milli Vanilli, Rob and Fab, had complained to their producer that they wanted to sing on records and on stage. Girl, you know it’s true, 1990, yesterday in La Crosse.

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