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La Crosse gets first refund from harbor makeover project

Brad Williams



City leaders in La Crosse have spent much time and money the past two years making improvements to the municipal boat harbor. 

Now, some of that work is paying off, literally. 

The city is getting a refund of $145,000, or 10 percent of the money it set aside in 2017 for the harbor project, with more refunds expected on a yearly basis, as a result of income from harbor business.

La Crosse Parks and Rec. director Jay Odegaard said the city’s decision to assume control of the harbor facility turned out to be a good one.   

The redesigned harbor has slips available for 185 boats.  

The council also approved increases in fees for using parking lots at La Crosse’s boat landings.

In other city council business Thursday, fee increases for city festivals in La Crosse were approved.

Volunteers with some local programs, such as Moon Tunes, have questioned the need for sharp increases in permit fees. 

But council president Martin Gaul says changes can be made if the fee increases don’t work well.