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Wisconsin’s Governor blocked at nearly every turn




Tony Evers won election as Wisconsin’s Governor fair and square. But you wouldn’t know it. Republicans who control the state Legislature have done everything in their power, and perhaps even beyond their power, to prevent the Governor from enacting the policies he touted on the campaign trail which helped him win election. It started almost on day one, when Republicans met in a lame-duck session to severely restrict the powers of Governor Evers and his democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul. And it continues to this day. Republicans, perhaps for the first time ever in state history, rejected the confirmation of Evers’ appointment of Brad Pfaff to run the state Agriculture Department. And it appears this may not be a one-off. Evers’ selection of a Tourism Secretary and Transportation Secretary also could be in jeopardy simply because of their politics. Republicans in Madison are working to restrict the veto authority of the governor. And although Evers issued an executive order to call a special session of the legislature to take up two gun control measures, Republican leaders simply planned to gavel in and out, calling the meeting to order, then adjourning without a vote or even any debate. This is not how our democracy is supposed to work. Republicans should ask themselves whether they would find this to be fair or foul if it was democrats working to restrict the power of a republican governor, duly elected by the people of Wisconsin. Or do they plan to reverse their new rules to suit their needs the next time the state elects a Republican governor?

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