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Physical abuse lawsuit against PdC schools goes to trial next year

Brad Williams



The case of an area teenager, who claimed to have been injured by his school principal, did not end when the principal was acquitted at a trial last year. 

Now, the student from Prairie du Chien is suing the school system for damages, and a civil trial is planned for June of next year in La Crosse. 

Attorney Danielle Tierney, representing the PdC school district, argues that former Bluff View principal, Aaron Amundson, didn’t know the cleaning product he picked up to remove writing from the student’s hand was a caustic chemical.

Judge Todd Bjerke turned down a defense request to settle the case without going to trial.

Amundson was acquitted of physical abuse at a Crawford County trial in 2018.

Earlier this year, he resigned as Bluff View principal, but was then rehired to coach football at the school.     

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