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La Crosse set to begin shoveling enforcement

Drew Kelly



The City of La Crosse is ready to go on shoveling complaints.

City engineer Doug Kerns said the link on the city website to file complaints is active.

“We’ll go into immediate enforcement, if we confirm what the complaint says,” Kerns said. “You’ll receive a bill for the work and it isn’t cheap.”

The city charges $2.50 per linear foot along with a $50 administrative fee.

Kerns added there are plenty of people who don’t just hop in their car in the morning.

“So many people are dependent on walking downtown to the bus stop, the grocery store or the hospital,” Kerns said. “People are trying to live at home longer and we need to have safe sidewalks so people can get around.”

City ordinance says people have 24 hours from the time the snow stops falling to shovel.

Last year, La Crosse received just 1.9 inches of snow the entire month of November.

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