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La Crosse statue to get lights, while another piece of artwork found damaged

Brad Williams



A broken spotlight lies on the ground below the Dancers sculpture in La Crosse, with another light still intact behind it

The new location for a downtown La Crosse sculpture could be improved a bit in the coming year.

The city arts board has been told that lighting and flowers could be placed around the “Lyra” sculpture site at the municipal boat harbor.

Lyra, a large piece of abstract metal art, was moved from Burns Park on Main Street to the harbor a few weeks ago, and the color was changed from brown, back to its original blue.

Meanwhile, lighting installed at another artwork in La Crosse needs to be repaired.

Some small lights around the “Dancers” sculpture have been broken off their posts in the ground.

The Dancers were moved to the Weber Center land this year, after standing for several years in the nearby Pump House parking lot.

Also, a plaque identifying the sculpture and the name of artist Donna Cutta has been placed beneath the Dancers by an anonymous donor.