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Viterbo offering reprieve for students having to attend beyond four years

Drew Kelly



In an effort to ensure students graduate from Viterbo University in four years, the college is offering an incentive. 

Students can sign a contract that says they will stay on track and follow a graduation plan. 

If the student doesn’t graduate in four years, the school will offer free tuition for the next semester. 

The university has a reason to be so confident, according to Viterbo vice president for enrollment management, Michelle Kronfeld.

“The last several cycles of students that have finished classes at Viterbo,” Kronfeld said, “they have graduated within four years between 76-79% of the time.”

Kronfeld added that they’re trying to provide more motivation for the student to get into the job market more quickly.

“Our students regularly report going on and having wonderful careers of meaning and purpose,” Kronfeld said. “They should want to start that process and start earning a living as soon as possible.”

According to national data, less than 40% of college students graduate in four years.