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St. Junious murder trial pushed back into next year

Brad Williams



FILE - Anquin St. Junious in La Crosse County court.

A murder trial in La Crosse which at one time had been scheduled for next week apparently isn’t going to happen until some time in 2020. 

St. Junious

The next court hearing for Anquin St. Junious could take place in December or January. 

St. Junious fired his first defense attorney this summer, and that led to the cancellation of his mid-October trial.

His new court-appointed attorney, Michael Covey, has requested a motion hearing around Christmas. 

Police say St. Junious stabbed Virgil Stewart to death during a January argument in a taxi, but the suspect’s wife claims she’s the one who committed the stabbing. 

St. Junious is now in a state prison, serving a sentence from a previous stabbing in La Crosse several years ago.