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19-year-old man gets jail after probation revoked in attack on girlfriend

Brad Williams



A 19-year-old man placed on probation this summer for beating his former girlfriend is now ordered to spend a year in jail for the crime. 

Ronald Crosby Junior’s probation was revoked after recent violations. 

Judge Gloria Doyle had the option to send Crosby to prison, but ordered the jail time so Crosby can participate in job training and rehabilitation. 

In court on Wednesday, the judge commented on the severe injuries to the victim, including two black eyes and a blood clot in the eye.    

“No person, no woman, no young woman, no one should be subject to that,” said Doyle.

Crosby had pled guilty to the attack, which included kicking the victim and hitting her with a chair when she wouldn’t give him a set of car keys.             

He represented himself in court, and argued that he shouldn’t be sent to prison for the attack.

“I really don’t think prison is gonna help me at all, and clearly, my (probation) agent is not helping me,” said Crosby.

Crosby had been placed on probation back in August for that attack, but Doyle says the probation ‘didn’t work out,’ and was revoked. 

Crosby also was criticized by the prosecution for lying about wanting to live with relatives in the Madison area, when GPS records showed that he was in La Crosse almost every night.