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La Crosse Council delays purchase of old loan company near festgrounds

Brad Williams



Plans by the city of La Crosse to buy a loan company building near City Hall are being put on hold, at least until next week. 

The building on North 3rd Street, with a billboard on the roof, is considered blighted, and the lot could be used for future development near the festgrounds. 

A special city council meeting was held Thursday night to fast-track the purchase of the building for up to $600,000. 

But some council members objected, arguing that the city might pay more than what the property is worth. 

A realtor has listed the building on-line at $550,000. 

With one vote in opposition, the council chose to delay a purchase decision at least until next week’s regular monthly meeting.  

The council finance committee voted on Thursday to okay changes in the permit policy for special events.

The committee approved a resolution which could increase permit fees for many annual events in La Crosse, from the current $10 to $60. 

Representatives of some local festivals have objected to the changes, including a provision doubling the fee if a permit is requested less than 60 days before the event.    

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