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Cheers to Wisconsin’s craft breweries




Small breweries have become big business in Wisconsin and elsewhere. The trend in the beer industry in recent years is that smaller craft breweries have seen sales increase, while the big players have seen their business flat or even declining. People are drinking more unique and delicious beers rather than just a standard lager or pilsner. It is good that many small Wisconsin breweries have stepped up to meet that demand, serving as a boost to the local economy. In La Crosse, Pearl Street has continued to grow from its humble beginnings with a couple of tanks in the basement of the Bodega. Since then we have seen a number of other local brewers open tap rooms and even full restaurants. The growth of the craft beer industry attracted the attention of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers who made a stop at La Crosse’s Oktoberfest Craft Beer Night last night to celebrate craft beer day, and recognize the economic impact of local breweries. The trade group The Brewers Association says Wisconsin now has more than 160 craft breweries, which generate more than $2 billion in economic impact. Our craft breweries in La Crosse and across the state deserve their own day. For making those delicious and interesting beers, and for spurring our local economy, we raise our glass and say “Cheers.”

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