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Flood waters go down quickly in Vernon County

Brad Williams



A scene of the flooding in Vernon County during August and September of 2018

Not much property damage resulting from the flash flooding this week in Vernon County.

The county’s emergency management specialist, Brandon Larson, said homes in Ontario were not affected by the rapid rise of the Kickapoo River on Wednesday night into Thursday.

Larson said that the flash floods of a year ago seem to have made area residents more aware of preparations to make if flooding is predicted.

The Kickapoo River rose 10 feet in a matter of hours at Ontario Thursday, to a crest of 19 feet following heavy rainfall.

But the river has dropped 9 feet since about noon Thursday.

The highways in Vernon County are open today, and the biggest problem area on the river is now Viola, where the water reached the 14-foot flood stage this morning.

The weather service expects a crest of nearly 16 feet at Viola around noon on Saturday.

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