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Campaign to prevent youth drinking is started in La Crosse

Brad Williams



Judi Zabel stands alongside signs promoting alcohol education for young people

There may be yellow yard signs around the La Crosse area soon, urging people to “Be the One.” 

The goal is to get community members to talk with young people about the dangers of alcohol. 

Judi Zabel, from the La Crosse County Prevention Network, said the problem of alcohol abuse is too big to be addressed only at prom or graduation time.    

Zabel says studies have shown that children can easily develop an addiction to alcohol, and that booze can alter a young person’s brain into their early 20s.  

The Prevention Network said a study shows that one out of every five high school age students has consumed alcohol in the past month, and kids who start drinking before the age of 15 are at a high risk of becoming alcoholics.