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Charging to park in La Crosse ramps shouldn’t be so inconsistent




Why do they insist on making it so difficult? The City of La Crosse has so struggled with the concept of paying to park in city ramps that they actually had to hold a vote to decide whether to charge people to park on the days when the demand for convenient parking is at is peak. The city’s Board of Public Works had to be asked permission to change standard practices and charge people to park in city ramps during Oktoberfest. You know, when some 100,000 people come to party. People from out of town, accustomed to paying to park in city ramps in prime locations, looking to get close to the action.  Wisely, the board voted unanimously to charge to park in all but one city ramp throughout the duration of Oktoberfest. But then they made it difficult. Last year the city charged $5 per day to park in two city ramps during Fest. This year, it will be $10, in all but one ramp. That follows a pattern of inconsistent pricing for parking in La Crosse ramps. Park this long and its free. Stay longer, pay more, but do it in advance. Oh, it’s the weekend, never mind? After 6? The rates change. Are they unfamiliar with the concept of a flat rate? Applied to all ramps, not just some, and not just now and then. Those looking to park their car downtown should be able to easily understand the rate structure. Let’s not make it so difficult. Let’s offer a little common sense and make it as easy as possible for those willing to fork over their money for a convenient place to park.

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