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Yesterday in La Crosse

What do you know about Ed Gein? We learned more about him 37 years ago



Judge Robert Gollmar, who sent Ed Gein to a mental hospital for grisly murders he committed in central Wisconsin, wrote a book about Gein in 1982. The book was called “Edward Gein: America’s Most Bizarre Murderer.” Gein was born in La Crosse County, and lived for a time on the north side of La Crosse. He is said to have inspired characters in “Psycho” and “The Silence of the Lambs.” Gollmar claimed there was a link between Gein and the 1953 disappearance of teenage babysitter Evelyn Hartley. The judge said Gein was visiting an aunt in La Crosse near the house where Hartley was last seen. Former La Crosse police chief Ray Lichtie said Gein was investigated, but it turned out he was not in La Crosse the night Evelyn apparently was abducted. The book on Gein came out in 1982, yesterday in La Crosse.

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