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County Board ready to vote on La Crosse Center gift

Brad Williams



Onalaska leaders are unhappy with La Crosse and decided they are not going to donate money to the La Crosse Center.

Will the La Crosse County board take the same position Thursday night?

County supervisors will vote on a plan to donate $138,000 to the civic center, instead of committing to a funding arrangement the city wanted, which was $2 million over a 20-year period.

There’s been talk of the county being guaranteed a seat on the center board before giving any money.

Center board president Brent Smith said his fellow board members seem willing to consider the idea.

The center board has nine members now, and one seat traditionally is set aside for a La Crosse city council member.

The Onalaska city council turned down a similar funding request this week.

Officials with both the county and Onalaska have complained that the city of La Crosse wanted money without giving the other governments a say in center business.