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Nominations sought for $1,000 Women’s Fund award

Kaitlyn Riley



Roberta Zurn inspired the Women's Fund to present an award in her honor since 2005. PHOTO: Women's Fund of Greater La Crosse

The legacy of a La Crosse woman lives on through the Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse.

Roberta Zurn was a teacher and philanthropist in the area. She worked with elementary students for 32 years and was a dedicated volunteer.

Upon receiving a gift when Zurn passed, the Women’s Fund set up an award in her honor starting in 2005.

Kaycie Green, the executive director, said it is looking for its next Roberta Zurn award recipient.

“It is sort of a way for us to recognize that the work we are doing here at the women’s fund is a result of the individuals who are committed to supporting women and girls in our community every day of their lives,” Green said.

The Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse has been active for more than 20 years. It was set up to ensure there would always be funding available to support women and girls in the greater La Crosse area.

Green said its goal is to encourage the advancement and full participation of women and girls in society by promoting its full range of choices. A key way of doing that is to support nonprofits in the area.

The award recipient receives $500 for a charity of her choice and another $500 for personal development, which could also be used for charity.

It is meant for someone who has been dedicated to enriching the lives of others. The winner will be announced at the Women’s Fall Luncheon Oct. 23.

“For a lot of women who do so much for so many others, there isn’t a lot of thanks that goes along with it,” Green said. “In addition to the monetary award, the recognition at our largest event is a great way to really let someone know that what they’ve done has made a difference.”

Nominations are due Sept. 6. More information can be found on the Women’s Fund of Greater La Crosse website.