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County may give $138,000 to help pay for La Crosse Center fix

Brad Williams



La Crosse County is willing to donate to the La Crosse Center renovation project, with a one-time only gift for now.

A county committee has approved a donation of $138,000 to the civic center project, coming from funding that was left over from a county tax increment district.

The city of La Crosse would like the county to set aside $2 million over the next 20 years to support the convention center.

But county leaders are upset that the city didn’t ask them for help on the project until this year, and they feel left out because there’s no seat on the center board set aside for a county representative.

Just one executive committee member opposed the donation.

Doug Weidenbach says he’s ‘conflicted’ about giving money for the civic center project, after the county has been frozen out of planning for the remodeling.

Meanwhile, county supervisor Andrea Richmond, who also sits on the La Crosse city council, is planning to introduce a city ordinance to guarantee the county a seat on the La Crosse Center board.