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City could pay for homeowner flood prevention work

Brad Williams



If you want to avoid flooded basements, is the solution to get rid of the basements?

That idea is being discussed by the city of La Crosse, as it tries to respond to multiple reports of flooded homes this year.

The council finance committee has approved a floodplain relief program which could give families up to $20,000 to help fill in their basements.

North-side council member Andrea Richmond says some homeowners are facing much higher expenses.

“It’s just not about filling a basement, it’s moving the appliances that you have in the basement up, and I think it’s very warranted,” said Richmond.

The resolution headed to the full council says flood insurance has become a “significant economic burden” on some property owners.

Such a plan could reduce the amount of flood insurance a family needs, but council member Jessica Olson suggested an alternative, perhaps having the city help pay the mortgages of families in the floodplain.

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