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Both sides right, and wrong, in debate over immigration




President Trump is right. There is a crisis at the nation’s southern border. But it is not the kind of crisis that requires a wall. And democrats are right. We should not be separating immigrant families, and those who are caught crossing our border illegally should still be treated humanely. That sure leaves a lot of gray area in the middle. America has long been the land of opportunity, drawing people from other countries looking for a more successful life. But we can’t keep our borders open, unaware of who is in our country. Even if they are not all thugs and rapists as some suggest. Many of the 100,000 who arrive at our borders each month are fleeing poverty, joblessness and crime, as well as religious and political persecution. There needs to be a clear and concise path for these people to become United States citizens. Catch and release isn’t working, and neither is locking them up in jail. What republicans and democrats both agree upon, at its base, is the need for comprehensive immigration reform. That doesn’t mean open borders, and it doesn’t mean building a wall. It means establishing a process for determining who should be allowed in this country, and then providing a path for them to become U.S. citizens, if they meet our criteria. Congress needs to get to work fixing this immigration system and find one that keeps America safe, while still living up to our history of allowing those in other countries to join us in pursuit the American dream.

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