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La Crosse working with DNR to remove lead from the marsh

Brad Williams



The city of La Crosse wants to get the lead out–that is, out of the marsh, near Myrick Park.

Now, city leaders are talking with the DNR about how much lead should be removed from the marsh bottom, and how to make that happen.

Mayor Tim Kabat says completely eliminating all of the lead shot that went into the marsh during decades of trap shooting probably won’t happen

“There’s always probably going to be some pellets, because you’re not going to be able to remove every single pellet,” Kabat told reporters after a recent briefing of the city council on the lead problem.

Kabat says elevated levels of lead have been noticed in some fish in the marsh.

Trap shooting at Myrick reportedly ended in the 1960’s.

The city has to decide whether taking the lead out of the marsh would be worth the possible cost of the procedure.