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More conditions imposed on teenage sexual assault suspect

Brad Williams



A GPS monitor has been ordered for Ronald Crosby Jr., a local teenager whose sexual assault case has been watched closely by La Crosse police. 

Crosby is pleading ‘not guilty’ to a charge of assaulting a 15-year-old girl. 

He was let out of jail after an arrest in June, and immediately went back to a house where a judge had told him not to go, only to be arrested again.  

Prosecutor Susan Donskey asked for the GPS, saying it’s for the victim’s protection. 

Donskey told Judge Gloria Doyle that Crosby has tried contacting the victim’s parents, reportedly sending a Facebook friend request to the father.

Crosby’s attorney says that request may have been made before the alleged assault.    

The 18-year-old Crosby, now living with a relative in Madison, has been ordered to stay away from the victim, and from the two homes where her parents live.

Judge Doyle, who was criticized by police for letting Crosby out of jail, says it appears Crosby has obeyed court orders since the last time she saw him in June.

Doyle was asked to set the conditions for bond after Crosby appeared before Judge Scott Horne on Friday and requested that a different judge be assigned to his case.