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Warm weather brings a tough end to strawberry season

Kaitlyn Riley



Jolivette Family Farms said warm weather damaged the tail end of the strawberry season.

Warm temperatures hurt the remaining strawberry crop for the year. Jolivette Family Farms said they wrapped up the strawberry season last week. John Jolivette said this season was tough for his crop.

“Well, it was alright at first, but the hot weather and moisture takes care of it all,” Jolivette said. “They get cooked out in the field.”

Jolivette said temperatures above 80 degrees can be damaging for strawberries. Although picking season is ending, the farm’s work continues. Jolivette said they’ve already started preparing for next year’s season.

He said they’ll be working the land each month before taking some time off around Christmas. Their tasks will include mowing off the old crop, tilling the land, creating better rows, fertilizing the soil and managing weeds.