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Yesterday in La Crosse

The new City Hall opens its doors, 49 years ago

Brad Williams



On the 4th of July in 1970, La Crosse dedicated a 6-floor City Hall, which is still the city’s main office building today. It replaced the City Hall that stood for nearly 80 years at the corner of 6th and State, now part of the post office parking lot. La Crosse’s oldest living mayor, 86-year-old Gus Boerner, cut the ribbon to open the new building. One woman visiting City Hall thought there were too many windows for city workers to look out of, and she thought the view outside would prevent them from getting work done.

A big holiday celebration in Washington, called ‘Honor America Day,’ hosted by Bob Hope, and featuring Billy Graham, Pat Boone, and Kate Smith. The event, attracting 250,000 people, took place at the Lincoln Memorial. The party reportedly was arranged by supporters of President Richard Nixon, to counter protests of the Vietnam War, and it was endorsed by the two living former presidents, Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman.

The creator of the Barbie doll was against making Barbie a symbol of the women’s lib movement. Ruth Handler was the president of Mattel toys, and she said Barbie would reflect changes in society…for example, becoming a ‘girl space doll’ when American women eventually travel in space. Forty-nine years ago, 1970, yesterday in La Crosse.