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Foxconn executive uncomfortable sharing details of Wisconsin plant



Foxconn leadership may be having a hard time with all the attention its getting in building an LCD factory in Wisconsin.

Subsidized with over $4 billion in tax credits, infrastructure investments and direct cash payments from Wisconsin, people want to know how the progress is coming along.

In a video of Foxconn executive Louis Woo, on Yahoo Taiwan, appears to be uncomfortable with such standards.

“Foxconn has never operated in such a fashion before,” Woo said of all the attention, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “(It’s) almost like being in a glass fishbowl, and we are the only goldfish inside that bowl.”

Just over a year ago, Foxconn CEO Terry Gou — who is now stepping down to run for president of Taiwann, because the Sea Goddess Mazu came to him in a dream — President Donald Trump and then-Governor Scott Walker willingly put that fish bowl on display with a groundbreaking ceremony photoshoot lined with huge tractors and excavators.

The Foxconn deal is the largest incentive package for a foreign company in U.S. history, if its promises of 13,000 jobs and $10 billion invested in the state are met.

Since then, Foxconn has changed its plans multiple times but, apparently, that isn’t something the company should have to discuss.

“No matter where we build our factory,” Woo continued, “we don’t normally share with people when we’re going to build, how large a factory, by when I’m going to hire so many people,” adding that is all a “commercial secret.”

Among the changes in plans, Foxconn has already gone from a 10.5 LCD fabrication plant, to a Gen. 6 one, which is 1/20th the size originally promised.

“We have to have that liberty to change from time to time,” Woo said, “given the economic condition of that country changes, or because the job demand changes, because our customers have different demands on different products,” Woo said, adding that “we must have that liberty. But in Wisconsin we don’t, so that’s why I think it’s very difficult for us to operate.”

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