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La Crosse contracts with Orkin, as mosquito boom looms

Brad Williams



The La Crosse area has had so much water to deal with this year, there could be a big crop of mosquitoes as a result. 

That, however, depends on where the insects find standing water to breed. 

La Crosse County health director Jennifer Rombalski said the county has contracts with Orkin to reduce the mosquito numbers.  

She added that the city has has enlisted help from businesses to watch where mosquito larvae might be growing.

Dave Geske was the county vector control manager for many years, before he retired at the end of 2017.

When Geske left, the county eliminated his position and limited mosquito control to insects that carry La Crosse encephalities and West Nile virus, not the less harmful “nuisance” mosquitoes.

Rombalski urges property owners to keep standing water out of open containers and tree holes, to prevent mosquito breeding.