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Wisconsin Lt. Governor needs to lead by example




When it comes to our tax obligations, we are all expected to pitch in. Even if you are the Lt. Governor of the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes finds himself in some hot water over reports of unpaid property taxes. Barnes owes more than $2200 in delinquent property taxes to the city of Milwaukee for a condominium he owns. Barnes claims he is paying his delinquent taxes on an installment plan, but the Milwaukee treasurer’s office claims Barnes did not make the first installment by the January 31 due date, and hasn’t made any payments since then. When asked about it, Governor Tony Evers only said Barnes should pay any taxes he owes. Well, duh. Not paying is not an option. Not for you or me or the Lt. Governor. Barnes makes some $77,000 a year. Surely he can afford to pay his tax obligations. But maybe Barnes isn’t good with money. We learned earlier this year that the costs of providing security for Barnes is much higher than for previous Lt. Governors. Turns out that is because Barnes had some unpaid parking tickets that prevented him from registering his vehicle. He has since paid a fine, and presumably can start driving himself again, without relying on a ride from the State Patrol. Our Lt. Governor needs to start paying his bills in a timely fashion, and remember that our laws apply to him as well.

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